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Mental health is a big part of who we are and how to move through the world. At Better Together, we believe in a holistic approach to mental wellness. Our team of licensed, professional therapists are ready to welcome you to a safe, judgement-free counseling relationship where you can open up and spew the feelings you’ve been carrying around. We don’t have a magic pill to make everything better. What we do have is extensive training in a variety of practices with tried-and-true methods for experiencing your emotions and moving through them to the place where you want to be. We’ll help you show up in life, in your relationships, and for yourself the way to wish you could.

If You’re

  • striving for positive change and self discovery…
  • looking for an empathetic ear and a big box of tissues to help heal after loss or trauma…
  • doing your best and still feel like you’re drowning…
  • juggling others’ feelings and not prioritizing your own well being…
  • doing well, but feel like there’s aspects you’d like to change and improve about yourself…

You’re in the right place

We provide compassionate and personalized mental health services to elevate individuals to be their best selves. We empower clients to support them on their journey to a better life.

Our Top
Therapy Topics

Our clients see us for a variety of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Anxiety (including panic disorders and OCD)
  • Personal Growth/Life Transitions
  • Neurodiversity (ADHD & Autism)
  • Relationships
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Trauma
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Feeling Overwhelmed/Stress

Our Therapy

Individual Therapy

one-on-one sessions to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to uncover insights empowering you to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and resilience.

Couples Therapy

a supportive environment where you and your partner can work through challenges to rebuild a strong foundation and reignite a spark of love and understanding.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

best suited for children capable of self-expression and verbal communication, our age-appropriate techniques help empower youth to be themselves, navigate challenges, and nurture interpersonal skills through trust and connection.

VIrtual Therapy

convenient and comfortable from the location that suits you through secure and confidential video calls, you can access personalized services with our team.

SIngle Sessions

whether you’re seeking guidance through a specific challenge, exploring personal growth opportunities, or simply in need of support, our experienced therapists are here for you.

Group Therapy

groups help you explore a specific topic or area of growth with the help and support from others.

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Better Together Mental Health staff stands in front of their offices located on the south side of Columbia, Missouri. Their stances and expressions are welcome and inviting. They are dressed in business casual in front of a red brick building.

Our Therapists

What Our Clients Say

"I cannot stress enough how amazing better together is. Not only do I love my counselor, but the owner’s customer service is above and beyond. She took the time to explain how to save on my billing - just all around amazing. This is where you need to go for therapy. I have learned so much over the last several months."

— Kayla M.

What Our Clients Say

"I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Beth Orns, owner & therapist at Better Together through the Columbia Women’s Network. Beth spoke on a panel about self-care & imparted so much clinical wisdom & encouragement to all of us in the room. She uses her time & finances to mentor & invest in women, women-owned businesses, & a variety of nonprofit organizations in our community."

— Allie T.

What Our Clients Say

"I was originally referred to Beth Orns while pursuing supervision for the LCSW licensure process. Gosh, did I luck out. Beth is not only knowledgeable, kind, and caring but long after our supervision window she has remained a responsive and connected colleague and friend. Beth is continually driven towards excellence in helping her clients, colleagues, friends, and family."

— Francesca T.

What Our Clients Say

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Jemika Gardner in a professional capacity. Jemika has always been an advocate for her patients and will prove she is the asset missing from your behavioral health link. Jemika is smart, skilled, respectful, and compassionate; she will be a wonderful choice in provider!"

— Kacee

What Our Clients Say

"I highly recommend Jemika Gardner if you are looking for a caring, understanding, compassionate attentive, problem-solving, therapist, she is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She will go the extra mile for you and make you feel comfortable and heard. she is an excellent therapist."

— Mikki M.

a Client

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